Webinar - Smart management of the grid: exploiting line temperature and load forecasts

07 April 2022 - 13:00 CEST - ISGAN Virtual Learning and the OSMOSE project invite you to this webinar concerning the experience of the Italian demo of OSMOSE project.

The Italian demo of OSMOSE project tested different kinds of flexibility solutions in a 9 month long experimentation on a real HV grid portion: one of this is the flexibility from the grid itself! By exploiting accurate load and generation forecasts and cost effective Dynamic Thermal Rating solutions, a new Energy Management System was developed in order to detect and solve efficiently congestions in a 3 hours ahead horizon.

Join the webinar: 2022-04-07 at h 13:00 CEST (UTC+1)

Key messages

Capital-light investments and prediction algorhitm can enhance existing assets exploitation, becoming an efficient add-on to standard infrastructural planning of the grid.

Intended audience

TSOs, academy, industry

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