WG9 presentation at the Austrian Technology Platform on Smart Grids

On 09.10.2023 the autumn meeting of the Technology Platform Smart Grid Austria took place in Vienna with the members and hosts of Austrian Power Grid AG and Beckhoff Automation. The meeting focused on artificial intelligence and cyber security in the power grid and smart grid. As part of the presentation of ISGAN activities by Helfried Brunner, Sarah Fanta presented content and results from Working Group 9.

The Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria is an association of relevant stakeholders in the field of electrical power supply. The Platform was founded in 2008 with the support of the Climate and Energy Fund, the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Ministry of Economy and since then the FEEI – association of electrical and electronic industries and Oesterreichs Energie support as host organizations.

The aim of the Platform is to pool joint forces for future intelligent electricity grids in order to support an energy- and cost- efficient system operation.

Synergies through coordination of stakeholders from industry, energy sector, research and public bodies should be used efficiently.

Austrian expertise in smart grids ise strengthened by flagship projects and made visible internationally.

You can find here more information on the platform.

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