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Synthesis for Decision Makers


Given the wide variety of definitions and conceptual models for smart grid technologies and systems, quickly increasing body of literature and analysis, and rapid rate of change in the smart grid space, senior decision makers and their staff would likely benefit from a common basis or language for discussion. To this end, this Annex integrates the knowledge and lessons learned through the other ISGAN Annexes. This material may be delivered through a variety of media, such as reports, web sites, or videos, as appropriate for the specific information and targeted audience. It may be structured for specific geographies or grid ecosystems. Ultimately, information packages that explain clearly and concisely smart grid benefits and costs (and offer an intuitive, pleasing user experience) will help capture the attention of these decision makers and provide them the information needed to advance more effective smart grid-enabling policies and programs.



The core objectives of Annex 4: Synthesis of Insights for Decision Makers are to organize knowledge, identify key issues, distill important themes, and provide insightful analysis for the benefit of policymakers. It will highlight existing lessons learned and best practices on smart grid and seek to integrate and package knowledge in a form that will be useful and used by the target audience. Moreover, this Annex will consolidate and disseminate the efforts of other ISGAN Annexes, as well as smart grid efforts beyond ISGAN when appropriate, in support of greater reach and impact.


Current Activities

For the 2018-2019 timeframe, we are focusing on the following activities:

  • Deep-dive, peer-to-peer workshops on exchanging best practices on smart grid deployment enabled via policies, regulations, programs, and public-private partnerships
  • Development of and building capacity to implement a corporate ISGAN Communications Strategy
  • Additional work on policy insights and analysis delivered through synthesis papers and webinars
  • Support for intecannex coordination and collaboration


Past Work

Highlights of past work include:

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