March 30, 2022

Data-sharing standards and protocols: UK Insights

In the power sector, data is key to unlocking flexibility, bringing system and consumer benefits and managing the transition to a low carbon economy. This factsheet draws on UK experience to present insights into different attributes of data and its role as an enabler to facilitate interoperable flexibility markets.


This paper draws on the work carried out in the UK by the Energy Data Taskforce and how its recommendations pertain to and align with flexibility service provisions and market developments in the UK. Insights from relevant energy
stakeholders (networks, industry/innovation and academia) have also been incorporated.

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January 29, 2022

Scoping study for ISGAN Working Group 9

This paper summarises the results of a study conducted at the inception of ISGAN Work Group 9. It seeks to identify gaps in research on flexibility issues, to provide a focus for Working Group 9.


Many developments are taking place around flexibility within energy system(s), particularly around electricity network reinforcement avoidance and trading platforms. However, the scoping study hypothesis was that there are also significant gaps in research. As such, the study conducted a literature review to confirm areas that are being considered and concurrently surveyed ISGAN member countries to gather additional thoughts and concerns.

Conclusions were that there are areas that still need to be addressed, namely:

  1. Integration of trading with dispatch
  2. Understanding of multiple actors’, requirements (including where those requirements are conflicting) for flexibility and the commercial implications
  3. A need to identify the characteristics that different flexibility options provides and how to access them
  4. Interoperable markets to support the development and usage of flexible products and services at scale
  5. Consumer focused flexibility
  6. Avoiding stability/security of supply issues through loss of diversity

This report summarises the findings of the literature study and the survey, and explains the thought leadership, to date, in the areas described as gaps above.


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November 29, 2021

Consumer Focussed Flexibility Factsheets

Accessing and optimising demand side flexibility involves understanding and engaging with consumers. Working Group 9 has produced 3 factsheets on this space in Sweden, looking at: (i) metering as an enable for flexibility; (ii) the implementation of independent aggregators; and (iii) dynamic electricity pricing.


The first factsheet presents some insights into metering as an enabler for consumer-focused flexibility, and gives a brief overview of the two generations of smart meter roll-outs in Sweden, as well as the national regulation of minimum functional requirements for electricity meters.

In spring 2021, the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate submitted a report to the Government with recommendations on how to facilitate the concept of independent aggregators in Swedish legislation. The second factsheet aims to summarise the main analysis and recommendations of the report.

The third factsheet presents some insights into price signals and consumer flexibility, and gives a brief overview of the characteristics of dynamic electricity pricing, as well as some food for thought going forward.

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