November 6, 2020

Key Messages Annex 6 – Power Transmission & Distribution Systems

In this document we describe the Drivers for change regarding generation, grid, and demand; the Resulting consequences on operation and planning of the power transmission and distribution systems; and the Needs to ensure sustainability & security of supply with respect to technology, market innovations and policies.

Power systems around the world are faced with a wide range of challenges in order to realize the objective to integrate an increased amount of renewable energy sources in the modern electricity grids. The consequences affect the daily operation and longterm planning of transmission and distribution systems, and the network owners and operator’s ability to ensure continuous, reliable and high quality of supply to the customers. The needs of each actor within the electrical supply chain provide drivers for revision of current practices and promotes future adaptions of functional components and systems, economic and regulatory areas.
This document provides insights in the work of ISGAN Annex 6, in form of key messages consolidated from the views of the focus areas

  • Technology Trends and Deployment
  • Expansion Planning and Market Analysis
  • System Operation and Security
  • Transmission and Distribution System Interaction

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May 15, 2020

micro vs MEGA trends

micro vs MEGA: trends influencing the development of the power system

micro and MEGA represent two trends which largely influence the decisions and the evolutionary process of power grids.

The trends are both aimed at enabling very high penetration of renewable energy sources
in the electric power system, from two perspectives:

  • micro focuses on local solutions, while
  • MEGA focuses on system or even intra-system wide solutions

ISGAN Annex 6 has dedicated an activity to study the micro and the MEGA trends, with the objective to present a critical assessment of these trends, based on the questions:

  • Does one trend outcompete the other?
  • Does increased investments from one perspective increase the need for investments
    from the other perspective?
  • To what extent can one perspective benefit from the other perspective?

The intention is not to proclaim one solution being superior to another, rather to provide well
informed insights to the needs of considering both perspectives during the planning
and decision-making process for the sustainable development of the wider energy

The outcome of this activity are communicated through publications, presentations and workshops, with contributions from a large number of parties:



  • Workshop and meeting in Montreux
    A highly successful event, gathering a total of 30 participants, with presentations (available here) from Italy, India, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden.
    The participants at these two meeting days have shown a high level of engagement and it has been highly valuable to learn from each other. In short, we can conclude that these meetings were very productive and successful in gathering a large amount of knowledge.

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